ORASI 2.0 World

The next generation of accessibility services for
Blind and visually impaired community

ORASI product


Orasi 2.0 World; a highly efficient and accurate mobile device that has been designed and developed especially for the visually impaired individuals who are in need of user-friendly mobile device and accessing non-braille content that they come across during their day to day lives without having to convert them into Braille. Functionalities of making calls, sending text messages, reading out texts and recognising the textual content of photographed images and then converting them into an audio output are available in this all in one solution. In addition, it will help the user to recognise certain objects in the environment that they encounter in everyday life.



Blindness impact peoples’ ability read. Since most of the textual materials don't exist in Braille, there is no way for them to even simply read their morning newspaper. Also, most frequently, blind people are unable to self-navigate outside well-known environments and even simply walking down a crowded street. This makes it hard for them to perform their outside activities. Even when it comes to communication, visually impaired people find it very hard to cope-up with the vastly changing mobile devices. So, these types of challenges limit a blind person's ability to meet people, and this only adds to low self-esteem. Prior starting the project, a survey was conducted among 30 individuals who are visually impaired. The team gathered and identified the exact technological wants and needs of the target audience. According to results, we identified the technological requirements the target audience are expecting with the technology.


Sinhala, English and tamil settings

High Quality

Designer circuit boards

Best Price

Affordable price 15,000LKR only


Shock proof damage protection


super cool user friendly design


24X7 Customer Support


Latest technologies

Easy To Use

64 embossed braille buttons

Quick Calls

Now your blind or visually impaired friend is able to take calls with Orasi 2.0 world.

message-1 message-2

Instant Messages

Now your blind or visually impaired friend is able to send SMS messages and read SMS messages with Orasi 2.0 world.


18 Meaningful Features

When comes to mobile phones, while half of the blind community struggle getting used to the accessibility services that are already available on their smartphones, the rest cannot even afford a smartphone. The problem with the Braille system is that it sometimes typically changes from a region to another. So the lack of a suitable and effective solution for these problems has been significant throughout these years. Though there is a huge improvement in the surplus technological assistance to help the blind to cope up, these technologies are not user-friendly and expensive. While inexpensive devices are present, they do not perform specialised tasks. Therefore our team have come up with a mobile device called Orasi 2.0 World. This device will allow visually impaired people to overcome all the struggles they face when they use a mobile phone and also when it comes to accessing textual content in their day to day life. And this is the one and the only device that is available for this much of features for the visually impaired community.


Where am i

user is able to know his/her current location and time

Emergency Alert

Your loved once can send sms alerts with their current location


User is able to read books and documents without braille

Key Pad

User Friendly Sixty four (64) button Braille embossed keypad

Describe Surroundings

one click and user is able to know their surroundings

Regular Updates

2 updates per year with new features

Customer Services

Since our target audience is visually weakened people and the majority of the population is visually non-impaired, this product should be promoted to a selected small audience initially. Therefore, Orasi has been primarily introduced in Sri Lanka and then our next step will be addressing the world with the association of our visually impaired loyal customers.

Lifetime Support

2 Year Technical Support

24X7 Customer Service


Affordable Price

High Quality Service

Free Updated for 2 years

Order Orasi 2.0 World


Orasi Kit

Orasi Kit

35,000 LKR 30,000 LKR

Orasi Device
Charging cable + Adapter
Side bag


Orasi Complete Kit

Orasi + Mobile phone (full kit)

59,000 LKR

Orasi Device
Android Mobile Phone
Charging cable + Adapter
Ear phones
Side bag


frequently asked questions

Getting Started

install the Orasi 2.0 World Application to your phone
Connect USB cable to Orasi device
Connect other side of the cable to your mobile phone
application will automatically started

How To Set Up The Gadget?

install the Orasi 2.0 World Application to your phone
Connect USB cable to Orasi device
Connect other side of the cable to your mobile phone
make sure the application started

How To Use

Connect USB cable to Orasi device
Connect other side of the cable to your mobile phone
make sure the application started
connect the phone to charger after using it

Our Team


Isuru Sampath

Founder and Architect

Janak Amarasena

Tech Lead

Nipuni Paaris

Software Engineer

Numee Thilakarathne

Business Analysis

Orasi 2.0 World

15,000 LKR

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